Nov 18, 2008

Can't figure the markets out? Go market neutral !!

If you're one of the guys out there who's having a miserable time trying to get the market direction, try pair-trades.. they involve going long and short two securities simultaneously to keep market exposure at zero. The idea is that one security will outperform the other (and you'll ex-ante figure out which one) and you'll make money without taking on market risk..

A lot of prop desks use these strategies with time horizones varying from 1 day to months.. In India, Edelweiss has a good pair-trading does Kotak.. If you're a client with these firms, they share their trade suggestions with you... 

On the more adventurous side (and more gratifying as well).. you can build your very own model !! Either how, for can track these trades..

Long Axis Bank Short HDFC
Long Axis Bank Short HDFC Bank
Long KotakBank Short Power Finance Corporation
Long Bank of Baroda Short Union Bank

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  1. Now I can see the application of pair trading work :)