The blog will someday, hopefully, evolve into a something more resembling a website with different stuff I am interested in. For the time being, to keep this going is ambitious enough.
I manage prop and client money in Indian financial markets for a living. After a stint at Oxus Investements, I started Bullero Advisors LLP with the intention of creating an asset management firm specializing in long term equity and quant long/short portfolios.
I am very interested in empirical research in macro and monetary economics, and in financial markets. For a brief period I was working on Developing Trends, a publication by Oxus. I teach courses in Financial Modelling and Investment Management to MBA students at Birla Institute of Management Technology.
For more professional details about me, please check my LinkedIn profile.
Outside of work, I love sports like sky diving, rock climbing, white water rafting, bungee jumping and the like. I have two dogs and I love going on outdoor trips and hikes. Road trips really excite me and I try heading out to the hills every 3-4 months or so.